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Posted by aogSunday, 21 March 2004 at 17:59 TrackBack Ping URL

I wrote a few days ago wondering why there was an assumption that it was either Al Qaeda or ETA that did the terror bombing of Madrid, and not possibly both.

Today I picked up this story (via USS Clueless) about French Basque activists “raiding” Paul Bremer’s vacation house in France1. So rather than distancing themselves from the Caliphascists who are now officially blamed for the Madrid attacks, Basque activists are openly sided with their cause of removing the Coalition from Iraq. Given this ideological alliance, why would a more concrete one be implausible?

The quote from the attackers is too funny to pass by:

We wanted to carry out this operation on the holiday home of Paul Bremer because this is where he comes to forget the war in Iraq, and we want to remind him that when he comes here to rest, the bombs continue to fall on the Iraqi people.

Uh, in case they don’t have news sources over there in France, the bombing by the Coalition stopped months ago. There aren’t any bombs dropping on Iraq at all, anywhere. There are plenty of bombs exploding, but they’re not being dropped, they’re being placed by the same people these activists are supporting! Perhaps if the activists don’t like the bombs going off, they should take their complaints to the bombers instead of the guy in charge of stopping the bombers.

1 I must join Den Beste in exclaiming “A vacation house in France?!?”.