Marriage in America
Posted by aogMonday, 15 March 2004 at 18:55 TrackBack Ping URL

I’ve been trying to write about same sex marriage but unlike John Kerry I have enough self respect to not put my excessively nuanced views in to the public view. I was reminded of this by an article by Donald Sensing, which has as its thesis that same sex marriage is an effect of the destruction of marriage, not a (future) cause.

This makes a lot of sense to me - Sensing says that because of the weakness of the institution of marriage and its largely symbolic nature these days, there’s not much left to distinguish between homo and hetero marriage.

Yet the fact still remains that without child rearing family units a society will cease. As a maximizing and not a maximal libertarian I accept that it’s a reasonable trade off to impinge on personal liberty in order to maintain the existence of a mostly self ordered society. As they say in the Dungeons & Dragons’ world, “Good doesn’t have to be stupid”.

I was talking about this with She Who Is Perfect In All Ways and one issue that came up was the convenant marriage concept. Her suggestion was that if the goal of certain societal benefits was to promote child rearing families, perhaps the rewards and penalties of a stronger marriage form should be restricted to couples with children. It would also serve as a way to have divorces much easier for childless couples than for couples with children. Something to think about.