First stop poking, then remove hive
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I was cruising some trackbacks and I ran in to yet another example of the bee hive analogy. In this case the quote is

It is not caving in to the bees to stop poking a stick into their hive.

That’s certainly true. But let’s look closely at the implications of this statement. If your child got stung by some bees, of course you’d tell them not to poke at bees. And then you’d go get an insecticide bomb and take out the bees to avoid future problems. Or maybe you’d call a beekeeper to come out and remove the bee hive. Presumably, then, the policy implication here is that we should go with either extermination, ethnic cleansing or colonization. Is that what the quote is meant to imply? Sounds a bit too bloodthirsty for me.

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