Walling off the propaganda
Posted by aogMonday, 02 February 2004 at 21:45 TrackBack Ping URL

In thinking about the fence, I realized that one of its biggest effects will be to allow the IDF to exit Palestinian areas. That will rob the Caliphascist fellow travelers in the West of one of their best propaganda weapons. On who will the misery and oppression in the West Bank and Gaza be blamed once the IDF leaves? If, as expected, the lack of the IDF will lead to a lot more Palestinian deaths, that will force major media to stop covering those areas (because clearly they’re not going to report anything that goes wrong that can’t be blamed on Israel). What I expect, as I noted in my previous post, is that Fatah, Hamas and Hezbollah will become desperate to provoke the Israelis in to retaliation. It will be a violent clash, however it will be much more favorable to Israel than the current situation.