Solving the details, not the problem
Posted by aogFriday, 13 February 2004 at 16:02 TrackBack Ping URL

Harry’s Place reports that

The Iraqi Federation of Workers’ Trade Unions has received official recognition from the Iraqi Governing Council, according to the federation’s web site.

Clearly, it was a problem that under the Ba’ath regime, the government ran its own unions, the point of which was to further the regime’s control of the citizenry (in this case, the laborers). It’s certainly a good thing that those Ba’ath run unions are kaput. But why repeat the error by having the current government “recognize” a single union as “legitimate and legal representatives of the labour movement in Iraq”? Wasn’t that the real problem with the Ba’ath unions?

So what’s happening is that the solution is to change some little detail (such as the particular union that’s the official government recognized one) rather than solving the problem, which is having government recognition of “the union”.

P.S. I was going to rant here about the Left and it’s inability to tolerate actual diveristy (such as a diverse set of unions), but ChrisB, who is definitely on the Left, agreed with me (which is, I think, a first) on this issue. So, in honor of that, the rant is cancelled.