Smutting edge graphics
Posted by aogMonday, 02 February 2004 at 22:06 TrackBack Ping URL

Slate has an article about the potential impact of HDTV on pornography. The summary is that, unlike previous communication technologies, HDTV is unlikely to be of much benefit to the porn industry. For “high class” porn, HDTV is likely to reveal too many physical flaws, which will ruin the image of perfection required in that market. On the other hand, the “low class” market caters to customers who don’t care much about production quality and are therefore unlike to see the point of porn on HDTV.

I wonder what this will do for the hentai industry, especially any computer graphics versions. Computer generated characters look much better on HDTV than regular TV - there are no flaws to magnify. Current simulations are getting quite realistic, so perhaps more of the high end market will migrate there instead of relying on higher tech make up and video editing for live action pornography.

It’s been a question for a while when computer graphics would start to compete directly with live action. Perhaps that’s the place that porn will once again lead the media revolution.