Hey, we don't all have the intellectual capacity of the people at Harvard
Posted by aogSaturday, 14 February 2004 at 11:41 TrackBack Ping URL

According to Best of the Web, Harvard is now reconsidering it’s decision to have a porn magazine as an official Harvard magazine. It doesn’t sound like they’re going to change the content much, but will simply not call it pornography. The Harvard Committee now says

The proposal to publish a magazine called H Bomb was approved by the Committee on College Life based on the understanding that it would not include material that would be considered pornographic

Really? Here’s a quote from the earlier story

After flipping through the pages of Squirm, a Vassar College erotica magazine, the Committee on College Life (CCL) voted to approve a student-run magazine that will feature nude pictures of Harvard undergraduates and articles about sexual issues at its meeting yesterday. […]

Hrdy [a founding editor] said that “initially there was some concern about the nudity aspect,” but that CCL members eventually “got past the fear of porn.”

I suppose we should be tolerant. For one, Vassar has Squirm which does the same thing and we wouldn’t want Harvard to be behind the curve. More over, this committee normally deals only with Harvard faculty and students. It’s hard to stay in intellectual shape in that kind of environment - heck, it must seem very odd to them to be questioned or even (gasp) mocked. They’re probably not ready for the big league of the blogosphere. But someday, with some help and practice at rigor, they may be able to participate as equals.