Steadfastnes finally pays off
Posted by aogWednesday, 14 January 2004 at 21:39 TrackBack Ping URL

Via Instapundit we have Roger Simon commenting about how the Internet will be the beginning and end of Howard Dean. This is because Dean has radically changed his views since starting to run for President without a plausible explanation of the change beyond political expedience.

What’s interesting is that this is another change that rewards President Bush in particular and conservatives in general. Steadfastness will become more of a virtue, with plausible (and presumably somewhat gradual) changes in point of view. Bush, whatever other failings one can try to attack him on, has been (for a politician) remarkably consistent between his rhetoric and policies. One notes that when the blogosphere goes digging for historical quotes, it finds contradictions and wild shifts for the Democratic candidates but _support for consistency for Bush_. That’s telling.

P.S. There is one big Bush flip flop, which was on nation building. But as noted, Bush will get a pass because of a “come to Jesus” moment after 11 Sep 2001. Bush can plausibly claim not that he thinks better of nation building, but that he now sees that the alternatives are worse. This is my view of the matter as well, and I suspect that it’s not an uncommon one.