It's not real politik if there's no profit
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There’s some discussion of the increase in NEA over at the Brothers Judd.

I agree with Spoons that it’s more the implied disdain for the base that an action such as this implies more than the specifics that is the problem. It will not net Bush as single vote from the Left/Democratic Party yet serves to infuriate much of the Right/Republican side. (One could, of course, assume that President Bush is too stupid to know what he’s doing, but that doesn’t seem to have been a good heuristic in the past.)

It’s much like the steel tariffs, which were much more of a ideological issue than free trade. It seems … spiteful because there wasn’t any upside for either the conservatives or Bush himself, politically. This NEA funding increase is the same. Regardless of any short time benefits, it will in the long term simply provide additional sinecures for Lefties to abrade society. It’s not so much that Bush should do every little thing conservatives want, but that he should at least avoid spitting in their eyes.

Mr. Judd asks us to accept that we’re not going to get rid of the social safety net - can he accept that in modern society this sort of government program cannot long serve conservative principles?

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oj Saturday, 31 January 2004 at 14:18

Best not to over-analyze this one—it’s Laura Bush’s wish and so W’s command. Doesn’t your house work that way too? Mine does.

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