A conspiracy so vast even the Laws of Physics are in on it!
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Via Instantman we had Joe Conason implying that Halliburton was going to drill for oil on Mars as part of some oil cartel conspiracy. Conason now says “’I was joking’:http://www.salon.com/opinion/conason/2004/01/16/halliburton/” but Clarence Page didn’t get the memo.

I realize that this is the flip side of the Clinton conspiracy theories (such as smuggling cocaine through Mena, AK). But at least those theories where physically plausible. The “oil on Mars” concept doesn’t make sense even at that level. It doesn’t take rocket science to see that the energy costs of hauling oil from Mars to Earth vastly outweighs the energy in the oil. Stick with the “war for oil” theory, guys, if this is the alternative.

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PJ Wednesday, 21 January 2004 at 15:18

I must be missing something here. I thought oil is produced from the decomposition of organic matter. And I didn’t think there was much of that on Mars. Am I missing something or is the joke on me?

Annoying Old Guy Wednesday, 21 January 2004 at 21:46

That’s just another reason it’s all so silly. There are good scientific reasons to drill on the Moon or Mars, but of course if Haliburton is involved it must be a conspiracy, not that oil companies are the leading experts on drilling.

triticale Wednesday, 28 January 2004 at 08:43

There is solid evidence that people with government connections were smuggling stuff thru Mena airport. High Times magazine reported while Clinton was still Governor that the coverup involved people high up in the State Police. There have also been assorted allegations that the State Police provided cover for Clinton’s immoral behavior. Be that as it may, even if the cocaine alleged in the linked article passed thru Mena, there is no basis for claiming either Clinton was involved in the smuggling. Coincidence is at the root of most theorized conspiracies

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