You can't leave your problems behind if you're the problem
Posted by aogSunday, 07 December 2003 at 13:43 TrackBack Ping URL

I was reading some comments about Shari’a in Canada when I realized that Islam and California suffer from the same problem. As was pointed out, the nations in which Shari’a has been implemented are nations where many of the inhabitants would like to flee elsewhere. Yet, once they’ve successfully fled there is a tendency to re-create the legal system (Shari’a) that caused them to flee in the first place.

This is of course the same reason that people in states next to California don’t like Californians who move to their regions. These people are fleeing the ugliness that is the California coast, but immediately upon arriving seem intent on duplicating that dysfunctional society in their new home and destroying the social customs and fabric that made their new home a desirable place.

Is this a throwback to our hunter / gather roots, where tribes would exhaust / pollute the local environment and then move on? That’s probably not as successful a strategy today as it was back then. The problem is that moving is just a material cost, while fixing the problems is at the cost of self, which is a much higher price to pay.