Separation of State and Society
Posted by aogWednesday, 31 December 2003 at 23:57 TrackBack Ping URL

I’m a strong believer in the efficacy of the separation of Church and State. Not only is it good for the State, but it’s good for the Church as well. I’m of the view that the Founders added the First Admendment as much to protect religion from the government as much as the other way around.

This is such a good idea I think we should extend it to the separation of State and Society. The State shouldn’t be trying to modify or run the society of its citizens, but should simply enforce a neutral as possible set of rules. It’s clear that as the State does more of what use to be done by self organizing associations in society, the weaker the fabric of that society, and the more bitter and sclerotic the politics.

One might object that the State can’t avoid affecting society, but then again neither can it avoid affecting the Church either. In both cases we simply have to work to minimize the interference.

I suppose I’ll get accused of utopianism again but if it comes down to a choice between politicians vs. actual people, I’ll go with the latter.