It's not a story if there's no bad news
Posted by aogSunday, 14 December 2003 at 09:23 TrackBack Ping URL

She Who Is Perfect In All Ways had the radio on again this morning so I was prevented from going back to sleep by the BBC and later NPR coverage of the capture of Saddam Hussein. What I found interesting was what Jeff Jarvis refers to as the “coalition of the pissy”. Liane Hansen as the host felt this obvious obligation to dig until she found something bad, at which point she would dwell on it. Some other NPRite read a letter from a female trooper about the capture, which was as you might imagine quite upbeat. Hansen found that unacceptable and kept casting about for some way to inject negativity in to the report. Instapundit readers also write in about the “dejection in the voices” of the BBC and NPR. I’d agree that they sounded a bit more downbeat than usual. The myth of objectivity gets a little more ragged every day.