Disintermediation - the self medicated society
Posted by aogMonday, 22 December 2003 at 16:33 TrackBack Ping URL

I’ve been getting deluged with spam e-mail that contains offers to buy prescription drugs online CHEAP and WITHOUT A PRIOR PERSCRIPTION. Maybe it’s just me, but I suspect that most (if not all) of these places aren’t going to be the most thorough in verifying permission by the medical establishment for me to purchase these pharmaceuticals.

What does this mean long term for government or even AMA control of prescription drugs? I wonder how long it will be (if it hasn’t happened already) that some minor Carribean nation becomes a “prescription drug haven” by approving every pharmaceutical in sight, letting “hospitals” buy them and then re-sell them back to the USA. It wouldn’t even be necessary to offer much of a discount, the real selling point would be access. The first case where a patient sues an HMO for not paying for over the Internet drugs should be an interesting one.