Converting media power to legal power
Posted by aogThursday, 11 December 2003 at 14:49 TrackBack Ping URL

From The Corner we have a report that the NRA is thinking about getting in to the media business. Why would they do that? Because of the recent Supreme Court Decision which restricts political speech except for the media.

This is a primary reason that there’s not much negative coverage of the McCain-Feingold, because its passage puts the media and its practioners into a priviledged position in society. Until now, the priviledges of the New Class in the media was by convention and a few weak state laws. Now, however, media has a priviledged ability to discuss politics in public fora. That’s quite a nice little perq. I expect many lawsuits to hash out what exactly “media” is as the new unfree speech regime evolves. Lawsuits over websites should be particularly interesting. Perhaps we can get some weblogger arrested for posting political opinions on his website.