Weblog fodder
Posted by aogTuesday, 18 November 2003 at 21:39 TrackBack Ping URL

I used to struggle to get material for writing up on this weblog. Then I noticed that I’d frequently say to myself, “I need to post on that” but later, due to my advancing senility, I’d forget what the point was (“and how is that different from what you actually post?” asks the peanut gallery).

I ended up getting the 3M Electronic PostIt Notes after seeming them mentioned over at Daimnation!. Now I keep a memoboard up and drop PostIts on it when ever I see something that triggers my neural circuts.

As you can guess, I now have stacks and stacks of them, full of ideas for unwritten posts. Some of them I am saved from because they get too old and irrelevant. But others just sit there, mocking me. They’ll get written, someday, then they’ll be sorry…

I’d recommend this to others, but frankly there’s already too much content out there that’s not me and reading it keeps me away from clearing out my slush pile. So if there’s a dearth of posts, it’s not that I’ve run out of things to say but just that either I’m reading too much other stuff or the press of life has flattened me.

I figured out I’d mention this because I checked the webstats for the first time in a few months and apparently there are actual readers out there. At first I thought “well, just because they pull the page doesn’t mean they read it — maybe they use it to cover porn at work”. But surely the eyes must tire and eventually, because the boss is hanging about, the reading starts. Not commenting, but hopefully a little reading. Maybe.