Just who is it that doesn't have a plan?
Posted by aogSaturday, 15 November 2003 at 10:14 TrackBack Ping URL

The latest bombings by Al Qaeda in Turkey would be strong evidence that Al Qaeda is completely lacking in any strategic sense whatsoever. There’s been a lot of commentary about the slow pace of confronting the real fonts of Caliphascism, Pakistan and the Saudi Entity. One answer, which I agree with, is that a frontal assualt is not always the best option. Flanking maneuvers have a long successful history in military strategy. The goal is not to hit the strongest points but to achieve the highest benefit to cost ratio.

In complete contrast the the US effort of taking out opponents one by one while placating others, Al Qaeda seems determined to be fighting every possible opponent at the same time. Or, more likely in my opinion, they are determined to kill Jews and secondarily other infidels without caring about the larger, strategic effects of attacks like this.

There is also the theory that Al Qaeda is trying to immanetize the eschaton (which USS Clueless has finally picked up on). As noted, I used to think that but I am moving more toward the idea that Bin Laden and Al Qaeda have evolved their strategy as the previous ones failed, each step being more delusional.

  1. Intimidate the West through terrorism to cause a retreat and permit the return of the Caliphate (basic Caliphascism).
  2. Immanetize the eschaton.
  3. Kill Jews, infidels and if that’s not possible just kill someone.

I think Al Qaeda is falling apart. This is good news, but defeating Al Qaeda is just one step in the war with Caliphascism. Moreover, these bombings make clear that even in its death throes Al Qaeda can still do horrific damage. Sadly, this is the bill coming due for the years of ignoring the rising fanatism in the failed states of the Middle East.