Heading for a clash
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I am starting to believe that we are seeing the beginning of the end of Islam as a major religion. As Armed Liberal says, if the Caliphascists get the religious / cultural war they seem to be seeking the end result will be fewer of us and none of them.

The problem is that I don’t any prospect that Islam is capable of accepting a multi-faith society. Despite some precursors in Christianity about this it took a couple of centuries of war in Europe, culminating in the Thirty Years War, to make it a reality. A key difference today is that the sides in the Thirty Years War were basically equally matched so that the final outcome was the everybody lost. Moreover, the warring sides were factions of the same basic religion so that Christianity itself would have continued even if one side had decisively won. Neither of these conditions hold today with respect to Islam and the West.

The question to wonder about is what will happen to the Ummah in the West, particularly the Anglosphere. I think the US citizenry understands loyalty to a faith over patriotism - concientious objectors may not be liked, but they are accepted. What won’t be acceptable is loyalty to other nations or causes because of religion. American citizens of Japanese ancestry were sent to internment camps on the mere suspicion of loyalty to Japan over the US. The US Muslim population has in my view tended to actually demonstrate loyalty to other Muslims over the US. That is likely to cause some serious blowback in the future. It’s probably not a coincidence that the citizenry’s opinion of Islam has dropped percipitously over the last year or so. Part of it may be a greater awareness of Islam in practice (as opposed to in CAIR’s propaganda). But I also believe it’s even more the perception I outline above. As the disorganized and badly trained American Army in WWII shook down into the world’s strongest fighting force during WWII, I believe that the American citizenry is going to gradually discard the political correctness that is crippling our war against the Caliphascists. Meanwhile the Islamic leadership in America has staked the future of the Ummah in this country on that weak reed. It doesn’t seem like the best plan, but then neither does provoking a world war with the West.

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pj Monday, 03 November 2003 at 17:12

I’m inclined to agree about the decline of Islam, but for a different reason. I think adherents will increasingly lose faith in it. Islam’s support for tyranny, and tyranny’s exposure as a failed model of government, will lead to the same crisis of confidence that Communism experienced. Eventually a moderate Islam will emerge, but I think it will have a hard time competing with Christianity, which is much more easily reconciled with freedom, science, & other characteristics of modern society.

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