Better to bumble than efficiently screw up
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I can understand those who inveigh against the missteps of the Bush Administration in running post-invasion Iraq. I can see that they have some points, that there are many things President Bush or the Pentagon could have done better. I begin to think that maybe there was a better way. Then I see something out of the State Department that’s such flourescent idiocy that I think “better a year of unplanned bumbling than something thought out like this” —

U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell has asked Palestinian leaders to show support for a transitional Iraqi government that is to be installed by June, the Palestinian foreign minister said.

Palestinian backing could boost the legitimacy of such a government in the eyes of the Arab world, at a time when U.S. policy in Iraq is under sharp attack. Palestinian-Iraqi ties have traditionally been close, and former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had styled himself as a champion of the Palestinian cause [emphasis added].

Did anyone at the State department ever stop to ponder the concept that maybe the Iraqi people don’t like Saddam Hussein or his buddies? That maybe, just maybe, the Iraqis would by and large view the support of former Ba’ath allies unfavorably? Or possibly that biggest area of concern for the legitimacy of the new Iraqi government would be the Iraqi people and not that collection of brutal, backwards, oppressive and anti-American regimes called “the Arab World”? Wouldn’t it be better for Powell to be wasting his time trying to convince the Palestinians not to murder children instead of actively undermining the effort in Iraq?

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pj Monday, 24 November 2003 at 20:09

But the State Dept. doesn’t deal with Iraqis, or with Israeli victims. They negotiate with Saudi princes, Iranian ayatollahs, Syrian despots, and Euro-elites. And getting in good with the Palestinians will make them more popular with the people with whom they deal.

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