Another beautiful theory ruined by ugly facts
Posted by aogSaturday, 22 November 2003 at 17:38 TrackBack Ping URL

I’ve been thinking about some comments made by George Monbiot, who is normally a moonbat of the first order. But apparently he had a bit of an epiphany:

While I was speaking, the words died in my mouth, as it struck me with horrible clarity that as long as incentives to cheat exist (and they always will) none of our alternatives could be applied universally without totalitarianism.

Exactly so. The problem for the Left is that capitalism isn’t some horrible meme concocted in the psychological research labs of the ruling class and sent out to enslave the masses. It is, in fact, what you get when the government doesn’t exert totalitarian control. Anywhere the write of government doesn’t run, you get a form of capitalism, which is simply another way of saying “markets”. People trade. When the (roughly) same set of people trade regularly, you get markets and some variant of capitalism. Hernando de Soto wrote a whole book on this subject. This is something that seems to elude most Leftists, even though it’s a rock that’s foundered many a socialist ship.