A court system! If only the Founders had thought of it!
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Cherie Blair, wife of UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, has been babbling on a bit about the USA not accepting the International Criminal Court:

It seems inconceivable that a state committed to the rule of law, such as the US, would refuse to investigate and prosecute its nationals should there be reliable evidence that they had been involved in international crimes.

While Right Wing News raps the concept of the USA accepting the ICC, I thought Blair’s statement was even more bizarre than that. Note that she equates the USA participating in the ICC with investigating and prosecuting USA citizens who have been involved in “international crimes”. Taken at face value this states that only the ICC can perform this task. It is apparently impossible for the USA to hold any of its citizens to account without the ICC if the crime is “international”. One wonders if Cherie Blair believes that before the ICC, no nation ever held war crime trials for its own citizens.

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David Cohen Friday, 21 November 2003 at 08:39

I don’t think that’s the point she’s making. The ICC only has jurisdiction to act when the alleged war-criminal’s government lacks an independent judiciary or has had a chance to act but doesn’t. I think she’s saying that the US shouldn’t worry about our citizens being prosecuted by the ICC because we’ll always prosecute our own war criminals.

The problem is that we suspect that American troops and politicians will be targets of opportunity for the international community and that we’re going to differ with the ICC (and certain of its member countries) over what constitutes a war crime and what constitutes credible evidence of a war crime. There’s also the little problem of Americans not wanting their countrymen to be subject to any court other than US courts.

Annoying Old Guy Friday, 21 November 2003 at 13:00

Hmmm. You might be right. In that case she’s suffering from severe reality dysfunction since we’ve already seen spurious prosecutions (like the one where we had to threaten to pull NATO out of Brussels).

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