The man really knows how to ruin a party
Posted by aogThursday, 09 October 2003 at 15:27 TrackBack Ping URL
A while I back I talked about one of the key failings of the modern American Left, it’s inability to let go of failure. In that case I was talking about the Left’s continued dalliance with Communism but of course it applies just as well to Governor Gray Davis. Here’s a failed governor, who led his state into financial disaster during a boom. Even many supporters admit he’s malfeasant scum but still Big Name after Big Name came to California to help him out. Matt Welch brings some of this up as well, with a good quote from Marc Cooper
As the insurgency swelled, the best that liberal activists could do was plug their ears, cover their eyes and rather mindlessly repeat that this all was some sinister plot linked to Florida, Texas, Bush, the Carlyle Group, Enron, and Skull and Bones.

By bunkering down with the discredited and justly scorned Gray Davis, they wound up defending an indefensible status quo against a surging wave of popular disgust.

But that’s the current pattern of behaviour of the Democratic Party and the Left. It’s probably one more legacy you can lay at the altar of Bill Clinton worship.