Sovereign does not mean democratic
Posted by aogThursday, 16 October 2003 at 15:54 TrackBack Ping URL

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal had a short editorial about UN support for democracy in Iraq. The WSJ took this a hypocritical, in that there wasn’t any support for democracy in Iraq from the UN before the invasion. However, the quotes in the editorial don’t mention democracy but instead state the goal as “returning sovereignty to the Iraqi people”. Note that this statement comes from an organization that accepted the 100% vote for Saddam Hussein as a legitimate expression of the Iraqi people. That makes a return to a Ba’ath dictatorship, even if headed by Saddam Hussein, such a return of sovereignty. I interpret the statement as a completely consistent objective, opposition to American control in Iraq and the protection of dictators who support the UN. That’s also consistent with the UN accomodation of such UN stalwarts as Syria, China and Cuba. The editorial ends with a call to ask the same of those countries as the UN is asking for Iraq. But they’re already there - they’re free from having to do what the Americans say and that’s all the UN wants for Iraq as well.