Scraping the bottom of a full barrel
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I’ve been following the Schiavo case in Florida, involving a comatose woman and her husband who wants to remove her feeding tube, despite the fact that the wife’s parents would be willing to assume responsibility for her. Some other interesting facts are
Her husband’s motives in seeking the judge’s order are suspect. He won a lawsuit over Terri’s medical care that has $750,000 in escrow to pay for her care, and he stands to inherit the money if Terri dies while they remain married. He is engaged to another woman and has fathered a child by her, but he has refused to divorce Terri. Nurses have testified that he complained to them, “When is that bitch going to die?
There’s plenty of direct discussion on this elsewhere so I want to write about one of my hobby horses – the Left’s penchant for picking scum to defend.

Certainly if one wanted to argue about the right to die, personal dignity and the ability to chose one’s own end, this seems like the worst possible case. Couldn’t the ACLU find someone who was being driven to financial ruin, destroying his children’s chances at an education, to pay for his comatose wife’s care where no one else could or would help him out? Instead we have a guy who seems to view his wife primarily as the lock on a treasure chest.

But this is now standard fare for the Left. I remember a Chicago Tribune story at the start of welfare reform about the plight of those who were having their checks cut back or stopped. The focus of the article was a woman with multiple kids by different men who couldn’t get a job because she wasn’t a morning person! Yeah, that really pegged out my sympathy meter. Or this guy who was presented as a sympathetic victim of homelessness but when you read the details you think “what a whiner!”. On the political side we have the defense of Bill Clinton, Gray Davis and the acceptance of Al Sharpton as a mainstream candidate. There is the effective defense of the Ba’ath regime and the concern about keeping North Korean civilians “out of harm’s way”. The Palestinians as the poster children for national self-determination. Abu-Jamal Mumia as the role model for political prisoners. . It just goes on and on.

Is Orrin Judd right? Does the secularism of the Left lead to this kind of compete inability to even think about values and judgement? I really do not understand this tendency at all.

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