Red vs. Black
Posted by aogMonday, 27 October 2003 at 21:35 TrackBack Ping URL

Andrew Sullivan and Harry are contending with the implications of the fellow traveling of the Caliphascists and the International Socialists. The primary example of this are the anti-USA protests being organized by the Socialist Worker’s Party (SWP) via its front organization ANSWER.

Sullivan thinks the two will become the same movement, while Harry thinks that the Socialists have turned in to nihilists and will co-opt the Caliphascists. I find Harry’s position a bit doubtful. The problem is that, in previous situations like this where the Socialists and the Fascists were contending to overthrow an existing state that I can recall, the Fascists won. There was Germany of the 20’s and 30’. Or Chile in the 70’s. Or Spain in the 30’s. Now, the Socialists have triumphed against the Fascists but only once the Fascists were already in power. When both groups were insurgents, the Fascists won.

I think that result is even more likely today. The Socialists of previous decades still believed in the Marxist future and the tide of history. That’s somewhat difficult to sustain now. The Caliphascists, on the other hand, have had several decades of progress and have only recently experienced (to them temporary) reverses. In addition, the Caliphascists have the monetary backing of the Saudi Entity which is significant. Finally, I expect that the Socialists of the West simply are not used to playing at the level that the Caliphascists do in terms of real bloody mindedness.