Krugman exonerates Bush on Plame affair
Posted by aogFriday, 10 October 2003 at 08:07 TrackBack Ping URL
I don’t pound on Paul Krugman much because I never read his stuff. But here’s an interesting excerpt of an interview of his, quoted approvingly by Rebecca Blood:
You compare that with the White House travel office in 1993. There were accusations, later found to be false, that the Clintons had intervened improperly to dismiss a couple of employees in the White House travel office.
Let me see if I have this defense straight: the fact that a completely innocent man was hounded from his job, smeared with an FBI criminal investigation and saddled with thousands of dollars in legal fees is irrelevant as long as it can’t be proved that the Clintons personally orchestrated it? Will Krugman apply the same standard to the Plame affair and say that if President Bush didn’t personally organize the leak, then it’s not a real scandal?