UN ignore-ance
Posted by aogFriday, 05 September 2003 at 16:23 TrackBack Ping URL

I have to agree with Armed Liberal about being unhappy with President Bush’s decision to go back to the UN on Iraq. Despite the view of some boosters, I think that we should stand alone, if necessary, and not go whining to the UN. Despite the media reports things don’t seem to be complete anarchy in Iraq and if we can hold out for another few months it seems that we can start transferring responsibility to the natives. Certainly there is some real pressure in Iraq for exactly that. Such a transition will be far better for us and them in the long run than letting the UN spread its poison. I believe strongly that greater UN involvement will make things worse and decrease the chances for a successful and prosperous Iraq. That result is in our interests but counter to the interests of the UN.

Beyond this, however, the action itself damaging even if it falls through (as seems likely). That won’t be remembered, the fact that Bush went back to the UN will be. The idea that this will decrease the credibility of the UN outside of the US is implausible. I’m not sure it will have that effect inside the US either. And even if it did, what’s the point? The only real goal that discrediting the UN could serve would be to make it ignorable. Why do that if you’re not going to actually ignore it?