Tuning in to reality
Posted by aogFriday, 05 September 2003 at 18:58 TrackBack Ping URL
Finally someone in the mainstream media is starting to figure out this UN thing. MSNBC notes that
the U.N.’s record in military operations is not encouraging […]

A decade ago, the United States was able to recruit a U.N. force to take over in Haiti —- but the Pentagon found itself having to equip the U.N. soldiers with weapons, radios, uniforms and in some cases even socks and underpants. “Most of these people come in their skivvies, and that’s it,” a senior Pentagon official said at the time.

The UN is to millitary competence as Italy was during the first half of the century.

I used to argue with some of the “black helicopter” crowd on this subject. They would express concern that the UN was going to invade and take over the US via some Illuminati style plot. I would point out that, based on the actual level of success achieved by the baby-blue helmets, any random gang of survivalists were probably better equipped, trained and motivated than UN troops. The UN troops probably couldn’t even take the inner city gang-bangers. Why the nativists were so scared of them was something I never understood.