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Perhaps Spoons is correct - the Republican Party is the Stupid Party. I got in a bit of an argument with him about the redistricting effort in Texas and the fines imposed on the absconding legislators. The bone of contention was whether the Republicans would actually go ahead with redistricting. Spoons was dubious but I hadn’t seen any hint that it would not go through (and several articles claiming that it was all over but the shouting).

Now I read that the redistricting effort might fall through because the Republican caucus “can’t agree on the map to use”http://www.dfw.com/mld/startelegram/news/state/6835273.htm. The Texas House and Senate Republicans are fighting over the district borders in West Texas and if they can’t agree, then nothing will happen. It would be competely typical of the Republican Party to get this far and then implode due to internecine conflict. It seems to be driven by two power brokers:
The Senate plan remains far different from the one adopted three times since June by the House, chiefly because it does not include a West Texas district dominated by Midland.

Craddick [Speaker of the House, from Midland], has insisted that he will not accept any plan that does not have a Midland district. Duncan [from Lubbock], who chairs the Senate’s redistricting committee, wants Lubbock to be the key city in that district.

That’s so Republican. P.S. The fines for skipping town are getting serious:
the Senate Administration Committee recommended that any future quorum-busting senators be fined $1,000 a day and lose their seniority
Fines are just out of campaign funds but seniority is for real.