Nothing's worse than a boring, public conspiracy
Posted by aogSaturday, 06 September 2003 at 18:21 TrackBack Ping URL

I’ve been following the conspiracy mongering about the Project for a New American Century’s policy paper on maintaining American world supremacy. I just chuckled to myself about the loonies who on about a “secret plot” that’s posted on the internet. (Hint to conspirazoids - if you read about it on the Internet, it’s not a secret)

But I realized that there’s actually a thread running there that’s in tune with common academic lunacy, which is the big build up and massive research to discover something that is already common wisdom, like that men like to look at pictures of naked women.

Here we have this alledged cabal of evil Jewish neocons, formulating their dark and sinister plans, which turn out to be keeping their country number one. This is a surprise? That the most powerful nation on the planet is planning on staying the most powerful nation on the planet? And it’s not like the mechanisms proposed are interesting. Genetically mutating squirrels into suicidal killer rodents with nano-technological mind control saliva, now that would be cool.

But noooo — it’s the same old boring strong economy, strong military, step on rivals before they get big, team up with second stringers who prefer that to being fourth stringers, etc. Yawn. What, exactly, do the conspirazoids think strategic planners working for the US government would be planning? How to surrender to Burma?

The one thing worse than a stupid conspiracy theory is one that is stupid and boring.