Holding when you have the cards
Posted by aogSunday, 21 September 2003 at 22:51 TrackBack Ping URL
It looks like President Bush’s firm stance in international affairs is once again bending others to his will. Germany is starting to cave on the issues surrounding Iraq.
The German chancellor said in an article published Friday in the New York Times that Germany is ready to help rebuild the war-torn nation. “Germany is willing to provide humanitarian aid, to assist in the civilian and economic reconstruction of Iraq and to train Iraqi security forces,” Schröder said. However, he stipulated that the United Nations must play “a central role” in the process.
Ok, fine, weasel a bit on that. But the fact that he’s put it up for discussion is in effect a climb down for Germany (in the same sense that Bush going to the UN again for “help” in Iraq was a backing off for the US, regardless of what happens later). Since Powell’s apparently been put back on the reservation it’s probably the Germans who will buckle first. Recent German election results will just add to the pressure (via Instantman).