Faking it in Big Media
Posted by aogMonday, 15 September 2003 at 09:00 TrackBack Ping URL

Here is the epitome of biased, manufactured news as noted by Little Green Footballs and Instapundit.

As Instapundit notes, these photographers are manufacturing fake news out of a staged event. How is this any different than staging a fake car fire that was such an incident a few years back? I wouldn’t mind this much if these media sources were viewed in the same way as World Weekly News - it’s a free market in a country with free speech. It’s the relentless sanctimony by what are effectively con men that really grates. It’s fraudulent, which is something that gets libertarians excised.

I think of all of the “fancy” people I know, who look down on professional wrestling but respect Big Media (particularly print media). But modern Big Media doesn’t seem any more real to me and at least the professional wrestlers don’t pretend to be moral paragons and aren’t faking things that really matter. Professional wrestling is a bunch of show men, not con men. If I still watched TV I’d definitely take Stone Cold Steve Austin over Peter Jennings anyday.

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Noel Monday, 15 September 2003 at 23:33

That’s classic.

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