The Arab street - real danger or convenient rationale?
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It’s kind of amusing to see the same factions that are so concerned about the reaction of the Arab street to the invasion of Iraq go after the Saudi Entity. A US military action that takes control of Meccah and Medina is one thing that might actually set off the Arab street in a dangerous way (unlike the way the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq did). What happened to multicultural sensitivity?

Of course, it may be that the anti-Saudi left does’t advocate military action. But it’s not clear what else could be done about the support of terror by the Saudi Entity. One would need a long term strategy that would secure allied oil supplies and reliable basing for our troops in the Middle East. This would lets us threaten without the political hit of having troops in the Saudi Entity itself. It might also be good to disrupt Caliphascist bases and other financial support as much as possible so that the Saudi Entity is forced to accept more of the burden. This would not only make their complicity more obvious but the Saudi Entity is not doing very well financially these days. Burdening them further, especially with something that they can’t publically object to, would be helpful. Gosh, if only we had a President pursuing a policy like this.

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Tom Tuesday, 05 August 2003 at 19:20

It doesn’t matter in the least in practical terms regarding the “Arab street” whether or not we invade Saudie Arabia. Groups like al Qaeda are already promising to kill more Americans. An invasion of Saudi Arabia would only add to their propaganda war. This is about like Israel killing a leader of Hamas and Hamas saying, “Oh, now we will kill more Jews!” Like they weren’t going to anyway?

Let’s assume that the mighty Arab street rises up against us. So what?

By invading Saudi Arabia we’ve cut off the beast’s head and removed the number one source of Terrorist funding in the world. 90% of all Terror groups would wither and die due to lack of funds. The rest would shadows of their former selves.

Invading Saudi Arabia is the number one best thing we can do to fight Terror in America and around the world.

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