Pentagon wises up
Posted by aogTuesday, 12 August 2003 at 18:48 TrackBack Ping URL
Among other things (like creating a link button that’s the right width and getting my blogger mirror software running) I need to get a job at the Pentagon. The Department of Defense ‘Alpha Project’ has released a report (via Gizmodo via Instantman) about robots in combat, something I’ve thought about as well. The report discusses what might be available by 2025 and what the overall goal should be:
“We call them tactical autonomous combatants because they’ll operate largely autonomously with some limited human supervision,” explained Johnson. “We’re talking about, where we can and where we have the capability of replacing humans. We’re not talking about the operational level or strategic level, but at the tactical level, still using humans where we need to. Using adjustable autonomy or supervised autonomy, humans will still have to interact with the machines and help guide them.”
Good to know that the bright boys at the Pentagon are following my lead.