Castro vs. Batista - no contest
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One of the canards that used by Castro-philes to excuse his destruction of the Cuban nation is that at least he replaced Batista, the Spawn Of Evil™. However, a recent article details just how much worse Castro is compared to Batista.
But if Batista bested Castro in virtually every broad socio-economic indicator, he paled in comparison when it came to controlling either the electoral process or the populace. Castro executed thousands of political opponents after he came to power, imprisoned tens of thousands and caused hundreds of thousands to flee to exile. Where Batista won a disputed election, a Castro election leaves no room for dispute: Castro allows no opponents, no opposing viewpoints to appear in the press

Of course, the political problem here is that the Left presumes that making such a comparison means validating at least one of the people in it. The Left certainly uses Batista vs. Castro comparisons to validate Castro’s regime so the presumption exists that any comparison that is favorable to Batista is upholding Batista as an exmemplary ruler. This provides a nice rhetorical trap where one doesn’t want to praise Batista but the only alternative is to accept Castro. I certainly don’t want to do either, but I will say that if i had to live under one or the other, it’s difficult to see a single advantage to the Castro regime. Given the efforts to which refugees will go to escape Cuba today, it seems that many Cubans feel the same way.

P.S. I wonder, is the first thing a Leftist says to a Cuban refugee who makes it to the US, “You must not have realized it but there’s no universal health care here?”

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