But their thoughts were pure!
Posted by aogFriday, 29 August 2003 at 19:10 TrackBack Ping URL
Commie Watch has a post about the release on parole of Kathy Boudin,who was involved in a armored car heist that killed a guard and two police officers. The key quote is
the transcript of Boudin’s parole hearing strongly suggests that they believed her sob story, and agreed that Boudin’s white guilt and desire to help black people absolved her of her crimes.
This is another example of the disturbing tendency of the Left to read moral purity in to politically correct thoughts. This is the corollary the same view that makes conservatives evil for thinking wrong thoughts. There’s a correlation with post-modernism in that if reality is subjective then it really is the thought that counts and therefore you are what you think, regardless of the “effects” in the “real world” that result from your thoughts. This comes up for me in relationship to a post about a book that tries to humanize paedophiles. The money quote is
In the 108-page book, which has sold 150,000 copies, Mr Riegel describes paedophiles as “sincere, concerned, loving human beings” who have probably been born with “a sexual orientation neither understood nor accepted by most others”.
My reaction to this, as I commented on there, was puzzlement that this really had anything to do with whether it was wrong to be a paedophile. But it’s the same thinking - if the key elements of thought are inside, then everything is really ok. It’s a package deal with the standard reaction is against paedophilia but if the basic “good thoughts mean a good person” meme is slipped in then you’re fighting a losing battle.