Useful idiots: an inexhaustible resource
Posted by aogMonday, 21 July 2003 at 18:03 TrackBack Ping URL
The Palestinian Authority is once again trying to use the US to extort concessions out of Israel by simply asserting demands in the name of the “peace process”. The latest one is the demand for the release of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails. There is of course no mention of anything such thing in the “Road Map” but that doesn’t stop the claims which are then mindlessly repeated by Big Media. For instance, the story cited above says
Talks between Abbas and his Israeli counterpart Ariel Sharon broke up on Sunday local time without any commitment from Israel to release more Palestinian prisoners from its jails while demands for troop withdrawals from the West Bank also shelved.
Note the uncritical acceptance of the prisoner issue as legitimate and no mention of anything that the Palestinians are supposed to do (like, stop killing Israelis) but aren’t. The only mention of actual violence is this:
However, unrest has not completely disappeared, highlighted by the fatal shooting of a Palestinian in an exchange of fire with the Israeli army east of the West Bank town on Jenin overnight.
None of the suicide bombings and other attacks on Israelis are any sign of continuing unrest.

I don’t wonder at the Palestinians trying to get away with such outrageous demands and fabrications. It’s why so much of the West is willing to cooperate in anyway to help them succeed. Given that, the Palestinians would be fools not to take advantage of the massed ranks of useful idiots.