The modern one drop rule
Posted by aogSunday, 06 July 2003 at 21:53 TrackBack Ping URL
A number of leaders of American advocacy groups concerned with Africa signed a letter [source] condemning Robert Mugabe for his misrule, oppression and tyranny in Zimbabwe. Of course, these people were immediately castigated by the racialist black Left in America:
But the decision to condemn Mr. Mugabe publicly - which was hailed as long overdue in some quarters - has also touched off an outcry among some black intellectuals, activists and Africa watchers. […]

“Whatever black Africans in Zimbabwe decide to do,” said a caller who identified herself as Missy from Queens, “I think black Africans here, we should join them.”

Note the fundamentalist tribalism in the final quote. The obvious element is that if black Africans do something, then people with similar genetics in the US should support them solely because of such DNA matching. But there’s a deeper part, that black Africans in Zimbabwe “decide to do” something. Last I checked, there was a spot of disagreement among black Zimbabweans. But the tribal view can’t accept that – there’s the tribe and the tribe decides what to do.

On the other hand, it is the case that the groups opposing Mugabe’s butchery do have some members who are not black. I suppose that discredits those groups and makes them not part of the tribe. It must be a variant of the “one drop” rule – one white member and the group is discredited. How will guilty white liberals cope with that?