Modern girls say “show me the money”
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A singer named Avril Lavigne has had a hit recently titled ‘Sk8ter Boi’ (pronounced “skater boy”). I know this because it’s the first song on the current KidzBop commercial which I hear 4 or 5 times an hour while the Boys watch Nickelodeon (that’s about the extent of my exposure to modern youth culture).

In this song, a young boy who skates tries to put the moves on a high class girl, who brushes him off. Another girl (the singer) picks him up and eventually enjoys a humiliating revenge on the first girl because the boy turns out to be extremely desirable.

What makes the boy such a hot property? He’s attractive? Well-mannered? Loyal? Considerate? Loving? None of those - he becomes a rich rock star. Note that this isn’t some obscure song on a vanity record, but one popular enough to be made in to a movie so it’s likely to be striking a chord with today’s youth. And what message resonates? Don’t discard a kid because he’s scruffy today, he might be rich and famous tomorrow. Not only is that a classic view of women’s mating motives, but it’s so American. Where else is it plausible for some poor skater dude to become wealthy? It’s also ultimately a rather old school sentiment, that financial success is the key in looking for a male significant other. The kids really are turning conservative.

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pj Monday, 28 July 2003 at 20:20

Heh … interesting take. I agree that Sk8ter Boi promotes conservative values and is classically American in spirit; but I don’t necessarily agree that it’s promoting money-hunger, or that conservatives are more money-hungry than others. After all, the singer embraces the skater boy before he gets rich. I’d prefer to think that the conservative values the song promotes are a respect for human dignity and a distaste for elitist snobbery.

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