Lift the Cuban embargo
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I support lifting the trade embargo on Cuba. It certainly hasn’t done much good for the decades it’s been in place. In the meantime it has provided Castro and his useful idiots in the West with a convenient excuse for his devastation of Cuba. Castro can ban computer sales and there may be a brief mention that Castro did the banning but in a year it will be blamed on the embargo. To think that Castro isn’t aware of that is laughable. I agree with Dean Esmay that lifting the embargo won’t do much to directly help the Cuban people. They’ll be miserable and Castro and his thugs will live well, just like they do now. Anything Cuba wants to import from the US can easily be imported via Canada or some other weak livered fellow traveling nation. Since the embargo has no real effect except as a PR coup for Castro, let’s drop it and at least take that away from him.

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Val Prieto Thursday, 24 July 2003 at 12:35

I disagree on lifting the embargo, on the contrary, we should tighten sanctions against Castro. The Castro regime is at a point now where desperation is starting to set in. It owes millions upon millions to other countries that have, moronically, sold Cuba their wares on credit. Now, some of these countries are refusing to sell Castro any more goods and services until he pays up. Thus, the regime now has to find a way to obtain what it needs from other sources. Those other sources, of course, is the US.

Annoying Old Guy Thursday, 24 July 2003 at 12:57

The Castro regime has been at the point of desperation for decades. Isn’t the plight of the Cuban people the major crime of Castro? As for the morons who sold stuff to Cuba on credit, that too has been going on for decades. Castro stiffs them, and then a couple years later lines up another set of pigeons. And he blames it all on the embargo - “Oh, we wanted to pay but the impact of the embargo was so bad that we just couldn’t”.

But beyond that, you say that Cuba “has to find a way to obtain what it needs from other sources. Those other sources, of course, is the US”. Think this through with me. Why does Cuba have to find another way? Because it can’t pay. So lifting the embargo will help only if that means that Cuba can get what it needs from the US without paying. How would that work, exactly? Alternatively, how does the embargo prevent Cuba from getting free stuff from the US?

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Castro is nothing but a murderous thug who tortures his own people, and he's got something to say about Gov-elect Terminator??!!! Personally, I disagree with most of the aspects of the embargo. Maybe we ought to go in and topple Castro's government of ...

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