Fashion: dumb and dumber
Posted by aogMonday, 28 July 2003 at 10:42 TrackBack Ping URL

The Wall Street Journal had a recent article about “low rise” jeans, where the waist band is moved as far down as is physically possible. Because of the physical shape of women’s hips this change has the effect of making retention of the jeans in the correct position very difficult. The slightest wrong move and the wearer has an advanced case of “plumber’s butt”. The article (no online version) is full of tips for low rise jeans wearers, such as “don’t sit down”. Apparently the only way to pick something up is to maintain a straight back while bending at the knee and not tilting your head forward. Alternatively, one can always make sure to have one’s back against a wall before reaching down to help out her child in the stroller (actual example). Others resort to tailoring tricks

Normally this wouldn’t rise to the level worthy of ranting about here. People make their own choices and if someone thinks it’s worth all this for the style, that’s their problem, not mine. However, what I find objectively silly is some of the new fashion designs to cope with this problem, which consist essentially of covering up the low rise, such as extra long tank tops. Now, I can at least see the point if a woman thinks she looks enough better with a low rise to make it worth the hassle (I disagree, but that’s clearly subjective). But what’s the point of enduring the hassle and then concealing it anyway? Where’s the payoff? It seems dumb even for a fashion trend.