Energy crisis
Posted by aogTuesday, 15 July 2003 at 08:16 TrackBack Ping URL

There will probably be few to no posts this week. All of my creative energy is going in to the JunkYardBlog move. There’s a lot of final formatting and configuration tweaks that are taking all of my on-line time and I’m just worn out from the effort leading up to this.

It’s pretty cool. My scripts are reading the original JunkYardBlog over on Blogger and copying the content over to the new MT site. It’s all automated so there’s no further effort for me. It even re-writes internal links so that links on the old site that refer to previous posts on the old site are changed to refer to the new site. You can see the effect here vs here. The comments are copied over too.

Well, I think it’s cool.

P.S. I’m not quite done yet. Now that I’ve disposed of some of the easier challenges, the final target of my campaign is within sight. Bwahahahaha!