Burning assets
Posted by aogThursday, 10 July 2003 at 19:48 TrackBack Ping URL

This story claiming that President Bush was wrong about the attempt by the Ba’ath to purchase uranium in Africa made the rounds of the blogosphere. It has since been retracted [source].

What I found interesting about this is that the author of the original article was taken in by someone who’d been setting him up for 20 years. And during this time the author had been given a lot of significant and accurate information. That’s a whole lot of effort. The primary reason to do that is to put in place an asset that can deliver a devastating blow at a critical time. And apparently that time is now, on this story. The author has now purged all of the stories and information he can find from this now discredited source. The asset is burned and will never be able to plant stories again. Note that the source disappeared as soon as the story was planted, not when it unraveled. Clearly the source knew that story was false and that the falsehood would be quickly discovered.

Why burn that kind of bridge over this, over a story that was expected to become discredited quickly? It just strikes me a a bit bizarre. Did the source decide to do this on his own, to destroy his access for the chance to make a political hit on Bush? Was it crazed anger or desperation? The scenario as a whole doesn’t fit together.