Self destructive tendencies
Posted by aogThursday, 05 June 2003 at 22:14 TrackBack Ping URL
Some interesting comments over at the Brothers Judd. Harry Eager, a regular, quotes some bishops from 1930's Germany:
Here's the nut graph of the program of the "German Christians," published in 1933. The German Christians was a large and influential consortium of pastors and theologians of the Lutheran, Reformed and Pietist protestants.
God has created me a German: Germanism is a gift of God. God wills that I fight for Germany, and for a German the Church is a community of believers which is under the obligation to fight for a Christian Germany. Adolf Hitler's State calls to the Chruch, the Church has heard her call.
We know from the historical record that Hitler considered the Christian Church an ally in the same way later Communist fronts would consider their fellow travelers — useful for now, to be disposed of when no longer of benefit. Not the best company to keep. But this same week I saw a report from the Middle East about complaints from local Christian leaders about the proposed constitution for a Palestinian state. Oddly enough it enshrines Islam as the state religion. Even more oddly, the Christian leaders were apparently surprised by this outcome. The Midwest Conservative Journal does an excellent job of ripping up this muddle headedness, but the deeper question of why these leaders would actively aid other groups whose ultimate goals are the oppression or eradication of Christians remains. (There's the infatuation of church leaders with the UN, which is a relentlessly secular organzation that would put them all under its thumb if it could). It's not a good sign for an organziation when its leaders willfully engage in such self destructive actions.