School choice → madrassas in the US?
Posted by aogTuesday, 03 June 2003 at 21:21 TrackBack Ping URL
I'm beginning to understand what Orrin Judd means about anti-religous left. I was reading a weblog by some one who otherwise seems rational. But when school choice was mentioned, she went off on this tangent:
No public schools, just like Pakistan. That sounds like a very efficient way to turn the US into a third world country.

No public schools – gee, we can all set up our little versions of madrassas, indoctrinate our children with our own personal 'values.' In a democracy, who needs to know or care about what the rest of society thinks? Who needs to know about literature, science and math - you know, facts?

That's nothing like what private schools are now, but apparently that's just a facade and as soon as the public schools are gone the private ones will all convert over to madrassas.The fact that Pakistani madrassas are funded by the Saudi Entity and not local funds seems somewhat relevant here as well. As far as I can tell, her view is that only religious fanatics like the Caliphascists would set up such schools (clearly no set of parents like her would set up any sort of competing, non-fundamentalist school). Therefore, of course, any values taught at such schools would be intolerantly isolationist. And certainly nothing like literature, science or math would be taught. She argues simultaneously that the vast majority of the citizenry supports public schools and that public schools yet it's dangerous to allow parents to choose because that's what they do in Pakistan. The basis for this is her knowledge of Catholic schools:
I’ve read about Christian schools where the kids sit at a desk all day, read from a book, and then take multiple choice tests. We’ve all read about the madrassas, where kids learn a lot about religion, infidels, anti-Semitism and little else.
Clearly the same thing. The school proponent eventually gave up because how can you argue with that kind of equivalence?