Picking the right problems
Posted by aogWednesday, 11 June 2003 at 21:02 TrackBack Ping URL
The current issue of the Lutheran has on its front cover an image of arms through a fence, symbolizing the plight of a severely downtrodden set of people. Their plight? They are Iraqis who do not have running water. I don't want to minimize the problems inherent in that, but it seems that if one were looking about the planet for terrible things to mobilize the laity to ameloriate, it would seem that there are many better candidates. For instance, the prospect of mass starvation in Zimbabwe. Cannibalism in the Congo and North Korea. The bloody civil war in Liberia. In all those places things are bad and getting worse at a rapid pace, in contrast to Iraq where things are getting better at a good clip and it's easy to see that in the not distant future the infrastructure problems will be overcome. Unfortunately, none of those other problems can be blamed on the US and President Bush and one must have one's priorities straight.