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I've not been fully on the net lately so I'm catching this "Bright" thing late. The basic concept is that the anti-religious would be grouped under a new name, "Bright". The con is that this is labeled a "new" word because it's used as a noun instead of an adjective. It is, in fact, what Ayn Rand would call a "package deal" where a reasonable concept (labeling the anti-religous as a group) is packaged with undesirable and generally false ones (that, by connotation, the anti-religious are smarter and/or happier than everyone else). It reeks of the entire political correctness movement where things were relabeled for political purposes. I can't believe that Dean Esmay, who normally seems a reasonable and intelligent fellow, could be taken in by this transparent attempt at NewSpeak. I've read through an FAQ promoted by Esmay which purports to address criticism, but it mainly succeeds in being smug and clumsily disingenious. I'd provide a link but it's been taken down. Perhaps it revealed a bit too much.

P.S. Natalie Solent comments.

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Dean Esmay Saturday, 28 June 2003 at 20:37

I am utterly amused that such an innocuous comment has caused such a furious backlash. :-)

Annoying Old Guy Monday, 30 June 2003 at 07:00

A deliberate and planned agit-prop exercise designed to stigmatize the religious majority of the population through the mechanism of a NewSpeak like corruption of the language? Hardly innocent. I suppose I personally find it exceptionally annoying because it reeks of the same sort of trivial yet vicious self promotion of High School student government types, so earnest and condescending, the same attitudes that grow up later to believe that you have to break some eggs to make omelets.

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