No more eternal verities?
Posted by aogSunday, 29 June 2003 at 20:53 TrackBack Ping URL
Here's an interesting comment in The Corner. First we have the statement of a flack for the Saudi Entity, dismissing the possibility of democracy there, because such governments can make anything legal or illegal. Against that we have that
In Islam what God specified as Haram (illegal), or Halal (legal), cannot be changed by any parliament, or even by the whole population. These imperatives of right and wrong in Islam are unchangeable.
Andrew Stuttaford's reply is
in that one word ‘unchangeable’ you have the essence of totalitarian rule – “a boot,” as Orwell once put it, “stamping on a human face – forever".
What is a conservative doing objecting to an unchangeable morality? I thought that was a key principle of conservatism, that there were Eternal Verities that were the result of a basically unchangeable human nature. Has National Review given up on that?