It's good to be the doctor
Posted by aogMonday, 23 June 2003 at 16:14 TrackBack Ping URL

I mentioned in a comment the other day that I didn’t see Caliphascism in Europe as the cause or catalyst of their decline, but simply an opportunistic infection of an unhealthy society. If it weren’t Caliphascism, it would be something else. There are always degenerate memes such as that around, just like other diseases. A healthy society can successuflly resist them, a weak one will succumb to one or more of them.

What is interesting is that it is the transnational progressive view that has so weakened European society. I sometimes wonder if this is deliberate. It is of a piece with the efforts of the same viewpoint to declare most people “mentally ill” so that psychiatric “adjustment” by the authorities is required. The advent of welfare that weakens the societal structures among the poor. The proliferation of zero-responsibility lawsuits and a proliferating regime of regulation for safety. All of these serve to weaken society and its members.

What a weakened society needs most is guidance and care, of which the tranzis plan to be the providers. It’s as if doctors released minor plagues upon the land in order to have everyone as a patient. It’s fun as long as you can still nurse the patients back to a semblance of health (but not full health, because then they don’t need you anymore). It gets a little more serious if the patients start catching real diseases, ones that you can’t easily cure. I think that this is the current state of Europe, that the tranzis have to a large extent delierately weakened the society, to make it more tractable, but have failed to consider what would happen if a real disease like Caliphascism should take the opportunity to infect the society they’ve weakened. The very mechanisms used to present themselves as false saviour prevents them from being real ones.