Evil Canadians
Posted by aogTuesday, 03 June 2003 at 07:47 TrackBack Ping URL
Here in the MidWest of the United States, it's June. This morning when I got up I had to put on a jacket because we left the windows open overnight. In June. Tell me again about this "global warming" thing and why it means that my kid's expensive all-summer swim passes are burnt money. I blame the Canadians. The only reason it's ever cold here is because Canada sends huge cold air masses south. That's fine during the winter (I presume there's some old treaty about it). But it's June. Stop flinging that stuff down here! I wonder if it's part of their efforts to disrupt our World Destroying War Machine™ or just that their heavily socialized economy mistakenly made too much cold air over the winter and they have to do something with all of it or the cold air workers will be out of a job this coming winter. Oh. Year round hockey. That's their cunning plan! The fiends!